- Adequate road infrastructure: national roads DN2 (Suceava, Bucharest and Siret), DN 29 (Suceava, Botosani), DN 17 (Suceava, Cluj Napoca) are recently upgraded;

- The part of a complex with high tourist potential by harnessing the natural and folk dowry;

- The existence of a network of hotels and guesthouses "pet friendly" with the highest degree of quality;

- Easy accessibility in the exhibition space and parking;

- Free parking for exhibitors;

- Exhibition space and secured parking with security professional service;

- Existence toilets that meet all sanitary requirements in the vicinity of exhibition space;

- The existence of pharmacies around the exhibition space;

- The possibility of taking meals in fast-food restaurants or restaurants, located in the vicinity of exhibition space;

- The existence of playgrounds for children, specialized supervision;

copii- Shopping in stores located in the vicinity of exhibition space;

- Rings for large carpeted area located close flat, equipped with sewage water run off;

- Generous spaces between arbitration rings that allow layout of the premises of participating in dog shows (tents, cages, grooming tables, advertising space, etc);

- Supplied with electric current necessary preparatory actions for the presentation of dogs in the ring.